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Northern Territory

Our northern British Columbia hunting territory is 3,000 square miles of the most beautiful, untouched, and raw country this continent has to offer. With almost 2 million acres of exclusive outfitting area along the Yukon border, you will be hunting in the land of giants.

Giant Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly, Elk, and Black Bear as well as Wolves and Wolverine call this wildlife mecca home. All can be hunted here as a single species or combined with other trophies. Miles of rolling hills and lush valleys as well as crystal clear rivers and streams crisscross the landscape in a seemingly never ending expanse of wild lands.

Our base camp is located off the world famous Alaska Highway, in the south west corner of our guide area. It is a full service lodge with generator power, flush toilets and showers, Wi-Fi, as well as Satellite TV and all the amenities of home.

ATV’s, river boats, and bush planes are utilized to reach the most secluded corners of our guide area. Remote cabins and occasionally wall tents throughout the area will be your home for the duration of the hunt after leaving base camp. They are clean, warm, dry and most importantly situated in key locations that will allow you to harvest that trophy of a lifetime.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful country with you and having you enjoy one of the last untouched areas in the country.

Southern Peace Country Territory

Our southern territory is situated along the Alberta border in the world famous peace region of British Columbia. Vast tracks of farmland as well as close to a thousand square miles of boreal forest make up this beautiful area.

Grizzly, Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Moose, Elk and Wolves are all abundant in this territory. We primarily focus on spring Black Bear and Grizzly as well as November Whitetail and Mule Deer in this area. We also have a limited number of Mountain Lion and Lynx hunts with hounds available each winter.

Accommodations vary depending on the season. A comfortable wall tent camp is utilized for spring hunts while hotels or the outfitters house may be used for November deer hunts and winter Cat hunts.

ATV’s, snowmobiles and 4WD pickups are utilized to access the areas we hunt on the many logging or oilfield roads that crisscross the territory. The game is plentiful and the access is great allowing us to put you on the trophy you are after.

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