All Inclusive Prices

**** License, tags, air charter and royalties are included in base price of all hunts unless otherwise specified. ****


Moose Sept 10 - Oct 15

1 on 110 days$15,500 U.S.
2 on 110 days$14,000 U.S.

*Add on Caribou for $250 U.S. license plus $4,500 U.S. trophy fee.

*Add on Black Bear for $180 U.S. license plus $1,500 U.S. trophy fee.

Caribou Sept 10 - Sept 30

1 on 110 days$14,000 U.S.
2 on 110 days$12,000 U.S.

*Add on Black Bear for $180 U.S. license plus $1,500 U.S. trophy fee.

Elk Sept 1 - Sept 10

1 on 110 days$9,000 U.S.
2 on 110 days$7,500 U.S.

*Add on Black Bear for $180 U.S. license plus $1,500 U.S. trophy fee.

Black Bear May 10 - June 5  and  Sept 1 - Oct 15

1 on 17 days$4,995 U.S.
2 on 17 days$3,995 U.S.

Black Bear  with  Hounds

2 on 17 days$4,495 U.S.

*Two bears are included on all Black Bear hunts.

Whitetail Deer Nov 1 - Nov 30

1 on 18 days$5,995 U.S.

*Add on Mule Deer for $125 license plus $1500 trophy fee

Cougar  with  Hounds Dec 1 - Feb 15

1 on 18 days$10,500 U.S.

Lynx  with  Hounds Dec 1 - Feb 15

2 on 18 days$4,500 U.S.

Wolf hunting is included on all hunts for the price of the license ($50) plus a $500 U.S. fee payable directly to your guide for pelt handling upon harvest.


*A 50% deposit is payable once the hunt is booked.

*The hunter may pay 25% if the hunt is more than a year away, and the next 25% one year before the hunt is scheduled to begin.

*The final balance is due 90 days before the commencement of the hunt.

*All deposits can be paid by cheque, wire transfer or bank draft.

*Trophy fees are payable in cash or bank draft before the hunt begins. Trophy fees will be returned if the animal is not taken.

Cancellation Policy

*No deposits or balances will be refunded.

*A replacement hunter can be substituted up until 30 days before the commencement of the hunt.

*We suggest all hunters invest in cancellation insurance in case unforeseen circumstances prevent you from being able to complete the hunt.

Wounded Animal Policy

*Any animal shot and not killed will be treated as a harvested animal.

*Every effort to recover the wounded animal will be made but that portion of your hunt is essentially over.

Trophy and Meat Care

Once harvested, the cape and antlers of your trophy will be cared for by your guide. Capes and hides will be fleshed and salted for storage until you leave or they are delivered to our taxidermist for inspection, permits and shipping.

On some hunts your trophy can be taken home with you. Black Bears and Deer can be taken home at the end of your hunt if you’re flying or driving. Moose and Elk can be taken home if you’re driving. Caribou, Wolf, Cougar and Lynx must be government inspected and other then Caribou are subject to a CITES permit, so these animals will be shipped to your taxidermist after these requirements have been completed.

All meat is utilized from harvested animals. You are able to take all or some of your meat with you. If you chose not to take all the meat with you, a $250 fee is payable to the outfitter for meat care. This meat will be distributed to local families and the less fortunate.

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