Mountain Caribou

Mountain Caribou Hunting in British Columbia

In the far north, among the rolling plateaus, live the largest of the Caribou species, the Mountain Caribou. Bulls can weigh up to 650 pounds and have heavy, dark coloured antlers and beautiful white manes. All caribou hunts will be 10 days in duration and will be spot and stalk in the northern part of our Liard River Concession. These animals are found in good numbers, and with a steady population of resident animals, success rates are high. They can be hunted on their own or make an affordable add on to your Moose or Grizzly hunt.

Caribou in our area live in gentler terrain then in many other regions and this hunt can be enjoyed by almost anybody. These hunts are all ATV supported and you will be staying in a remote cabin camp. Depending on weather or herd location there is a chance you will need to spike out occasionally, but this is rare.

Getting Here

If you fly into Fort Nelson you will arrive the day before your hunt is scheduled to begin. You will then be met by a representative of LRO and transferred to base camp. (Make sure you have your camera out for the drive) Once you arrive at base camp all the necessary paper work and a safety orientation will be completed. Depending on where your actual hunt is going to take place you will fly out that evening or the next morning. For those transferring out by ATV you will likely leave first thing the next morning.

If you choose to drive up to the base camp you will be given a detailed map and directions. You are also asked to be at the base camp no later than 2 p.m. the day before your hunt is scheduled to begin.

More Information

Method of take is rifle, bow or muzzleloader

If you’re ready to add a Mountain Caribou to your trophy room, please contact us for available dates and get ready for a hunt you’ll never forget.

Please note that we cannot control the weather. We will do everything possible to get you out hunting on schedule, but please be patient if adverse weather conditions delay charter flights. The pilots are only concerned with your safety.

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