Cougar  and  Lynx

Cougar and Lynx Hunting in British Columbia

Our Cougar and Lynx hunts take place in our southern Peace Country territory. There are several hundred miles of oilfield and logging roads that give us great access to these big mature cats. We target male cats only, and our houndsmen have years of experience putting these big boys in the trees so our hunters can take that trophy of a lifetime.

A typical day of cougar hunting involves getting up before first light and cruising these remote roads looking for fresh tracks in the snow. Once a fresh set of tracks is found the guides will “box” in the cat, which means they’ll try and cut his trail off and determine if he’s in a runnable area.

If all goes well the dogs will be released and the excitement goes into overdrive listening to the bawling of the hounds doing what they love. Each cat is different and chase lengths vary greatly. Being in decent physical condition is certainly an asset, although we can accommodate almost anybody to ensure a successful hunt.

Lynx hunts occur in much the same way, although often times the lynx are seen walking the roads while we are looking for fresh tracks. This is the optimal situation for Lynx as they can cover a great deal of country in a day, and fresh tracks are a must before the dogs can be released.

Another added bonus of this hunt is we occasionally see wolves while we are out looking for cat tracks. These trophies are included in the base price of the hunt and with a little luck, are a great addition to a successful hunt.


Accommodations during your stay will either be a local hotel or at the outfitters house depending on snow conditions and time of the year. Meals will be at a local restaurant or at the outfitters house.

Getting Here

You will fly into Grande Prairie, Alberta the day before your hunt is scheduled to begin where you will be met by a LRO representative. You will depart Grande Prairie, Alberta the day after your hunt has concluded. If you choose to drive you will be met at a pre-determined location in Grande Prairie, Alberta the day before your hunt begins.

More Information

All hunts are 8 days in length and include Cougar, Lynx and Wolf. The base price covers all license, tags, royalties and preservation fund fees.

We target cats from the middle of January to the end of February. Method of take is Rifle, Bow or Muzzleloader.

If you’re ready for an action packed hunt and looking to add Cougar and Lynx to your trophy room, with the added bonus of a possible wolf, please contact us for available dates, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

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