Black Bear

Black Bear Hunting in British Columbia

We hunt black bear primarily in the spring within our southern peace country territory. Our Black Bear hunts are 7 days in length and are conducted 1 on 1 or 2 on 1. Bear season runs from approx. May 10th – June 10th with exact dates determined each year depending on snow fall levels. Bears at this time of the year can be found actively feeding on new grass along oilfield and logging roads as they emerge from their dens. Their fur is full and claws are long making for a stunning addition to anybody's trophy room. Although most bears in our area are black in colour, all colour phases are present. From chocolate or reddish brown, to almost blond and every colour variation in between, if you're looking for a big mature bear this is the place to do it.

Our area has a vast road system with access to hundreds of miles of fresh growth along its ditches that pull these big bears in. Oilfield pipelines and power transmission lines as well as logging cut blocks are also favourite areas for these bruins to feed as they try to regain weight they’ve lost over the long winter months.

This is a spot and stalk hunt in gentle terrain for the most part, so hunters of any age or physical ability can be successful in harvesting a great bear. A typical hunting day will begin around 1 p.m. after lunch and consists of driving around in pickups or on ATV’s looking for active bears out feeding. It is not uncommon to see between 15-30 bears a week as our bear population is very high and receives almost no hunting pressure.

Once a bear is spotted your guide will determine its approx. size and the decision will be up to you if you want to make a stalk on the animal. We target mature bears in the 6 foot plus range (hide squared) and you have an excellent chance of harvesting one on this hunt. This is also a two bear area, so hunters wanting to take a second bear have that option as well.

The days are very long at this time of the year as legal shooting light doesn’t end until after 10 p.m. This is the reason we typically only hunt afternoons and allow the hunters to sleep in and spend the morning relaxing around camp. For hunters wanting to hunt the mornings as well we can certainly accommodate that also.

For the more adventurous hunter we also offer a limited number of black bear hunts using hounds each spring. Our expert houndsman has a lifetime of experience chasing big bears behind his pack of seasoned dogs and will not disappoint you with their ability. You will ride around logging and oilfield roads with the strike dog on the hood of the truck until a fresh scent is cut or a quality bear is spotted. Hunters should be in fairly decent shape as this hunt is pretty physically demanding compared to our spot and stalk hunts.


The accommodations during your bear hunt are a comfortable wall tent camp with generator power and showers available daily. There are typically no more then 4-6 hunters in camp at any one time, so you’ll never feel crowded or rushed. Meals are prepared and eaten in a comfortable dinning trailer and there are plenty of snacks and cold drinks brought along while out looking for bears. There’s lots of time to relax around the fire when not out hunting, and leaving the stress of day to day life behind is just part of the package.

Getting Here

You will fly into Grande Prairie, Alberta the day before your hunt is scheduled to begin and be picked up by a LRO representative. You will fly out of Grande Prairie, Alberta the day after your hunt is completed. For those driving you will be instructed where to meet our representative once the hunt is booked.

More Information

Method of take is rifle, bow or muzzleloader.

If you’re ready to come and hunt a beautiful mature black bear then give us a call for our available dates, and get ready to have some fun.

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